Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Pinch and a Pin

Since I have a business where I make a 5 course meal for paying customers once a week, I am that crazy freak of nature who actually cooks many of the 17,629 recipes I pin to my various Pinterest boards. (If you follow me, you will know this number isn't too far off of an exaggeration)
Whenever I am cooking, I always forget to take pictures (and by "forget", I mean my kitchen is far too big of a mess to play backdrop to a simmering pot). So, I am going to let the blogging professionals' pictures do the talking today while I run down some of the best recipe hits on my Pinterest boards. 

Best Healthy, Take-to-work Lunch: Vegetable Quinoa with Lemon-Basil Dressing I used fresh corn grilled on the stove, and didn't make a separate vinaigrette, but instead squeezed lemon juice and threw in chopped basil. I added extra lemon pepper, because I'm crazy like that. Two protein packed thumbs up!
Garden Grazer
Favorite New Dip On A Wheat Thin: Avocado & Egg Salad Made with Greek yogurt and seriously addictive
Best Easy Man's Meal: Chicken Biscuit Pot Pie
Smells Like Home
Best Summer Meal: Spicy Shrimp Cakes My father in law doesn't even like shrimp and ate these up. They also freeze really well. I think they'd be great for a cookout alternative on a soft bun with siracha aioli and slice of avocado.
My Recipes
Best Cookout Side: Apple Bacon Coleslaw Hands down best coleslaw I've ever had, and I like me some coleslaw
Ghetto Foodie
Best Salad Dressing: Cilantro Lime 
Simple Foodie
Best Pasta Dish: Pasta a la Betsy If you are not feeling crazy indulgent, I've made this with Greek yogurt instead of the cream and it is just as delicious.
Pioneer Woman
Best Cold Weather Meal: Short Ribs Bourguignon My favorite meal from my favorite cooking blog. Can't go wrong.
Smitten Kitchen
Best Mexican: Carne Guisada I made this with a Mexican beer and added jalapenos, because I have a spice loving husband. I served it over Cilantro Lime Rice that I also love.
Skinny Taste
Best Meal To Make Mr. Fonty Happy: Slow Cooker Jambalaya Seriously easy recipe
My Recipes
Best Easy Dessert: Snickerdoodle Blondies It's nice to have an option in your recipe arsenal that isn't a cookie and isn't chocolate.
My Own Sweet Thyme

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