Thursday, November 1, 2012

Like A Rhinestone Cowboy

Well, Friends, I've gone and gotten fancy on you. My cousin got us tickets to the CMA's tonight! I am cruising to Nashville for the festivities. I'm hoping the cast of Nashville is there (I hope you are still watching). 

I sort of hate a lot of pop-country these days (and by sort of I mean it makes my ears bleed) - namely the garbage coming from folks like Jason Aldean. Do not even get me started on his insulting Ed Hardy wardrobe, soul patch or man necklaces. 

But I have a very soft spot in my heart for most of country music and all it's cheesy crooning. And really, who does not LOVE Brad Paisley?! I can't wait to ham it up for a night in my old stomping grounds. 
You've really got to be there in person to appreciate fashion like this:
CBS News

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