Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Walk The Plank

Usually with the fall TV schedule, there are some early front runners for which show is getting the ax. In the Fonty household, we have an amazing knack for getting addicted to shows that barely last beyond 6 episodes. I am still mourning the loss of Flash Forward - hear that, ABC?! This year, the two of us couldn't agree on the which new favorite show would suck in the ratings more, so we picked sides and bet dinner on it. Sadly, it was yours truly who lost this bet with the cancellation of 666 Park - for the record, I was mainly watching for David Annabelle. Mr. Fonty's Revolution is still going strong - how a show about a blackout beat a family of ghosts haunting a Midwestern girl living in a swanky Park Ave. high-rise with John Locke manipulating all the apartment residents is beyond me. Guess I have to eat my crow, and pay for Mr. Fonty's too... 

On a completely unrelated note, (I have a lot of catching up to do since I've been a bad blogger) Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and second to being thankful for all those you love in your life, the most important part of this holiday is... the table!
My new favorite piece of decor is something you can probably find for free in your basement - a wood plank, making it the perfect last minute addition to your Thanksgiving tablescape. Using wood for a table runner is a simple way to add a rustic touch. 
How inspired! Camille Styles uses a wooden plank as a table runner to create this rustic holiday look. I am a fan.
wood plank runner
Celebrations At Home

wood table runner.
Wood plank as table runner.
Green Wedding Shoes
Source Unknown
wood table runner
Style Me Pretty

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