Friday, November 18, 2011

A Farewell To Regis

Live with Regis & Kelly
Today we bid farewell to the one and only, Regis Philbin. I may be one of a few people my age that can say this, but I love Reeg (I can call him that after all the years we have spent together). I have even tried to sign up for their Trivia Game (Because I would totally win a vacation), but it involves scanning in a release form. Too much effort.
Halloween Show
I used to love being sick from school, because it meant that I could watch Ramona Quimby on PBS and Regis and Kathie Lee. My mom would complain that Kathie Lee was weird and talked about her kids too much, but we both agreed that Regis was tops. Now as an adult, I work from home and start most mornings with my favorite duo, Regis & Kelly. I must say, Regis has been losing it a little bit in the last few years, but this only adds to the comedy of the show.
Regis & Kathie Lee
Reeg, I have some trepidation about your replacement. I thought for a while it would be Anderson Cooper, but he has his own awkward daytime talk show now. At least Jerry Seinfeld will be a great gap filler for the first few episodes - and I can still envy Kelly's wardrobe.
Regis, you will be missed!

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