Friday, June 17, 2011

Midsummer Night Dream

While I am a bit confused by the name - "Midsummer Music & Food Festival" - seeing that the summer solstice hasn't even happened yet, I am really excited about hanging out in Candler Park on Saturday. The fledgling Atlanta Food Truck scene will be in full force. They finally found a place in the ATL where they are allowed to sell grub. I plan on sampling goodness from all 20 trucks. One truck is a Jalapeno Corndog Truck. Come to Mama!
I am a huge sucker for braised, shredded meats. I can't wait to try Tex's Tacos Pulled Pork BBQ taco. The Pastor Quesadilla is rather enticing too. I have a feeling Mr. Fonty will get the BBQ tacos, so I can steal a bite. This is why I married him.
YUMBII looks pretty interesting too. Korean BBQ/Mexican fusion? This could be great or crash & burn. I can never deny a fish taco though.

The food is what is drawing me, but it's the music that has Mr. Fonty in attendance. One of his bands, Ponderosa, is playing. Meet them here:
Dr. Dog is the 3rd band up, and they are one of my favorites. Mr. Fonty and I saw them a couple years ago at Tasty World here in Athens when New West was courting them. They are pret- ty great. JJ Grey and Robert Randolph round out the last 2 sets. Not sure if I will be up to marching after a day of gluttony in the sun, but stranger things have happened...
And the real reason I am looking forward to Atlanta, I get to spend the day with my sweet goddaughter. I know what you're thinking. Yes, she is in fact the cutest thing around.
Happy Weekend!

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