Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Always a Bridesmaid...

Have you ever met someone and knew instantly that you wanted to be their BFF? That's how it was with my friend Hadley. I had to get in line, because she is quite possibly the most popular girl I know. She is completely hysterical in a witty way that makes you wish you were more creative. Since she is so popular, Hadley is either in or attending a wedding literally every single weekend - I know people say they have a wedding every weekend, but Hadley really does. So what does a ridiculously funny, creative person do when handed these lemons? Make Blog Lemonade!

With her friend Allison, Hadley has started Beyond Bridesmaids: always a bridesmaid... never a problem. Beyond Bridesmaids is a wedding round up of all the real life weddings the girls attend. With detail highlights, party recaps, and personal blunders (like trying to actually reuse a bridesmaid dress only to find out the bridesmaids are wearing said dress).
The "Shout" count is a genius addition. They've gotten "a little bit lower now" at the majority of the their weddings this year (mine included).

I feel honored that our pre-wedding wiffle ball game was featured in their spring wedding round up: Just carrying on an old family tradition

Get a matching dress with your best friend and get reading. 

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  1. EGO BOOST CITY: Population Beyond Bridesmaids! Thanks Mel Cat Fonty for the ridiculous kind words!!! Let us know what we are doing for your 1st anniversary. We'll cover that too!