Thursday, February 27, 2014

London Calling

London illustration
Mr. Fonty had a last minute work trip to London come up, and I am tagging along! We leave on Monday for a quick 5 day trip across the pond. We planned and booked our trip 10 days before leaving. I've dubbed this kind of high speed travel planning - "Instant GratiVacation", and I think I can get used to living in fast forward.
I've never been to London, so I will be taking full advantage of Mr. Fonty's day meetings to visit all the royal stomping grounds and tourist traps. Be sure to check out my Instagram to place your votes on my most awkward solo shot. I'm leaving my shame in the Atlanta airport, and plan to befriend these folks, and get them to take my pictures all around town. Gladys has a real great photographic eye.
I am an excellent packer, and don't see why I need anything more than a carry-on (for the pre-Harrods trip to London, at least). The key to packing light is reduce, reuse and recycle layers that can transition from day to night - and by all means, don't bring a separate pair of shoes for every outfit. I've picked 2 pairs that are comfortable, but still have some style. The grey oxfords are patent leather, perfect to fend off an afternoon drizzle.  Bring on Buckingham Palace!
london 1

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