Friday, February 14, 2014

Love & Marriage

Happy Valentine's Day!
card from emily mcdowell
Mr. Fonty and I are headed to Asheville tonight. His band (and our friends) The Whigs are playing, so we are using it as the perfect excuse to enjoy some delicious food and drink in the Blue Ridge mountains. Saturday we will head to Sapphire for the rest of the long weekend where I plan to wear leggings as pants and sit by the fire finishing The Book Thief and starting The Goldfinch -- and, obviously petting this guy while he snores between Mr. Fonty & me.
It's supposed to be pretty chilly in North Carolina, and while I want to keep warm, I don't want to look like one of Asheville's dirty drum circle hippies.
Here's what I will be packing:
(note: after posting this, I found the cashmere Equipment sweater on sale for $99 at Intermix. Also please note, the "Steal" puffer jacket from Zara is on sale for $80. Love sales!)

Crewneck sweater

Golden Goose ankle boots

Lucky brand booties

Louis vuitton shoulder bag

Pippa Small pink earrings

Pearl jewelry

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