Tuesday, February 4, 2014


My little goddaughter sweetness, Evie Stewart

I have a new favorite app - Waterlouge. Judging by the mass hysteria I have seen on Instagram, this statement is sort of like saying, "Have you heard of Pinterest?". But whatever, it's fun.

Waterlouge takes all your iPhone masterpieces, and turns them into a pretty watercolor. Like with Instagram, there are different filters, and you can adjust the detail and lightness. From mundane photo to work of art, just like that! Here are a few of my "paintings"
Treehouse Point in Washington
I need to devote an entire blog post to this amazing place
Abby on the streets of Key West
Bison in Jackson Hole

Sunset over the bunk house at Mason Fork Ranch
The world's most handsome animal, Ryman Fontaine
Speaking of The Gram, read this very funny truth about Instagram written by teenage crush.

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  1. You are so much better at it than me!! I such at Waterlouge. Will you teach me when i come to athens on the 21st of March????