Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello, Lonny

Sorry for the radio silence. Things got a little busy in Fonty land. 
Ever since I was a wee tween-ager, I've loved spending hour pouring over magazines. To this day, monthly, my mailbox is filled with glossy pages, only my tastes have grown up a bit from my days of YM and Seventeen magazine. Domino was one my favorite shelter magazines (along with about a million other women). Since it's sad demise, the new electronic magazines have filled the void for me. My favorite of these is Lonny
This month's issue features a home designed by Hollywood stylist Estee Stanley. While homes in these magazines are always beautiful, I always gravitate to the ones that look like a human actually lives there. This house is a perfect example of that. 
Comfortable elegance: 
Love the kilm blanket on coffee table:
Rustic + Modern Master:
Teen Bedroom: 
I love this nusery. It is modern and fresh, but still youthful. 
Be sure to check out this month's issue and all of Estee's tips on interiors and fashion. 

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