Monday, April 30, 2012

Tunesday With George: Introducing Daniel Romano...

Meet Daniel Romano, the soon-to-be newest edition to the Normaltown Records family (more on Normaltown coming soon). 
This Canadian country/folk singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer got his start in the Welland, Ontario based indie rock group Attack In Black. More recently, he's produced and been a touring member of City And Colour. But what I'm interested in, is the music he's making on his own. We will be releasing his new album Come Cry With Me later this year hopefully, but first you should check out his other recent albums. 2011's Sleep Beneath The Willow is an instant classic. 

Check the brand new video below for his single "Time Forgot (To Change My Heart)": 
Tell me that video doesn't make your day!

Here's another country gem from Willow: 

And when you're done with that album, go back one year earlier to his 2010 solo debut: Workin' For The Music Man. This song, which showcases his Jon Prine-esque folksier side, is fantastic:

 and one more to grow on from Music Man:

and if you're intrigued enough to have continued on this far....might as well check out his original project after Attack In Black, a folk trio knows as Daniel, Fred & Julie:  

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