Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finding Balance

Today I have my first pilates session at Balance Pilates in Athens. I cannot wait! Mrs. Fonty gave me private lessons for my birthday, and I think this is the perfect thing to kick off my new fit-self routine. The studio is in the same space as my Hip Pops Pop Shop, so I really have no excuse to be lazy.
While in LA, the girls and I did damage at Lululemon - it was time I traded in my see-through leggings. They were getting indecent. Glynn kept talking about how great the Gap gFast pants are, and while on my Gap spree last week, I picked up a pair. And let me tell you, these pants are just as great as the Lululemon pants, and will only set you back $49.95.
They have cuter options in the store than online, so put on your running shoes and jog to your nearest outpost

Wish me luck today! I hope I am able to walk when I am done, and that I don't hurt my diginity with my lack of ab muscles.

And just to make you jealous, earlier this week Mr. Fonty was in NYC visiting with some of my favorite people and seeing some of my favorite music, and now he is in Woodstock at this amazing place with The Whigs while they record their new album. Tough life, Fonty, tough life:

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