Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Devil Hisself - Jesco White

So this past weekend, I got the greatest news ever. Johnny Depp will be playing Jesco White in a new movie, "White Trash: The Jesco White Story". Read all about it HERE
I don't know if I can believe the reports that the premiere will be in a Boone County trailer park with kegs and an outdoor screen, but if this is true, I am in an even greater state of awe. Demi Moore will play Jesco's sister and Kirstie Alley will play his wife, Norma Jean.
Norma Jean
If you aren't familiar with Jesco, he is a force to be reckoned with. The 1991 documentary about his life in West Virginia, "The Dancing Outlaw", is incredible. His life and those of all his family members, has taken a somewhat drug-ridden tragic turn in since "stardom". I imagine the movie will touch upon this.

My friend Andrew introduced me the "Dancing Outlaw" one cold and rainy Nashville afternoon, and I was never the same. After Mr. Fonty and I met, we were long distance, and I sent him a little care package including a copy of the "Dancing Outlaw". In true Mr. Fonty form, he had to go and be 18 cooler steps ahead of me, and actually knows the guy who worked on the documentary. It's impossible to introduce this guy to anything new.

I am so looking forward to this movie. I would like to have a screening of my own in the backyard with plenty of gasoline for huffing, and don't worry, there won't be any sloppy, slimey eggs.

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