Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tunesday With George: A.A. Bondy Believers

A.A. Bondy : Believers
 Believers is the third solo release for Scott Bondy, known as A.A. Bondy, since leaving the post-Nirvana grunge/punk group Verbena. His transformation to a bluesy, folky singer-songwriter has provided us already with the hauntingly beautiful and sparse albums American Hearts and When The Devil's Loose. Believers is more of a full band effort. Bondy really takes it to the next level, with a more fully realized sound that's both spacey and ethereal, and still plenty haunting, without losing any of that voice that cuts you to the core.

STREAM the album on NPR.com (and then go buy it at your local record store.)
A.A. Bondy's new album, Believers, comes out Sept. 13.
On TOUR (Who wants to get and Earl Burger and see A.A. Bondy in the A on 11/16?)

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