Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

"Hi. My name is Melissa, and I am addicted to buying coats." I come from a long line of coat junkies. My mom has successfully taken over the closet in my childhood room with nothing but coats. I myself have an entire coat closet that doesn't have a single inch for a visiting guest's jacket. My mom and I often pick out "Tutu Coats" - jackets my grandmother, Tutu, who was always dressed to perfection, would have worn (see The pink Anthropologie coat below for an example). And to top it off, Mr. Fonty's mom recently confessed to me that she too is a coat-aholic - in a city that doesn't drop below 65 in the winter. So, it looks like my future daughter will have no hope. It's in her DNA.
I'm giving in to my desires. My picks for this season's coats:

Duffle coat
$100 -

Heritage Raincoat
$288 -

$288 -

Pea coat
$148 -

Funnel neck coat
$168 -

Frieda belted jacket
$465 -

Marc by Marc Jacobs striped jacket
$385 -

Miu Miu hooded cape
$1,809 -

Marni polka dot jacket
$975 -

Miu Miu tailored coat
$1,739 -

Moschino Cheap Chic swing coat
£693 -

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