Monday, September 12, 2011

Come Fly With Me

This Friday, Mr. Fonty and I are taking off to Turkey and Greece for a delayed honeymoon. I am chomping at the bit to get there. Here is our itinerary:
Atlanta, GA > Istanbul, Turkey > Athens, Greece > Mykonos > Santorini > Athens > Atlanta
For months, I've been highlighting favorites in travel books and reading about every amenity at all our hotels. This truly is a trip of a lifetime (all planned by the fabulous Ansley Thomas at Currie & Co Travels Unlimited)! But before we get to enjoy all this lavishness, we have to fly there. I travel for work and spend a lot of time on airplanes. Below I have put together my perfect flight preparation kit (and it wouldn't be complete without the Linea Pelle bag I've been ogling for months). One of my biggest pet peeves is people who wear slippers, sweatpants or pajama pants in public, and the number one place for this offense is in an airport. We have a long flight, so comfort is key, but I would rather be naked than wearing something from Russell Athletic. I've blogged before about how comfortable these red jeans are, and since we have an overnight flight, these are the pantelones for me. Whenever I fly, I always bring an oversized scarf. They not only make your outfit cuter, but when you reach 10,000 feet and the flight attendant feels the need to turn the AC to 55, you have an extra blanket. And how adorable are those Stubbs & Wootten knock offs?!? See people, you can be comfortable without your "I've given up on life" clothing in public.

Leifsdottir silk top, $198 Cropped jeans, $158 Suede flat shoes, $100 Mulberry travel bag, $750 Linea Pelle vintage handbag, $383 Chain jewelry, $20 Denis Colomb fringe scarve, $425 Madeleine Thompson Cathy cashmere travel set, $545

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  1. Loving the in-flight outfit. I went to Turkey on semester at sea and it was one of my favorite places. Have an amazing trip!