Friday, August 26, 2011

Poppin' It Like It's Hot since 2011

I am so excited about today's post. It's been months in the making...
After jumping through permitting hurdles (and still jumping), I am proud to announce that
is open for business!

We will be peddling pops at the opening game for the one and only GEORGIA BULLDAWGS on September 3rd! We are proud to be a part of the Shepherd Center Society tailgate party which benefits Atlanta's Shepherd Center.

The day before I left for California to get married, Mr. Fonty and I had a last supper of sorts. Over dinner we came up with the idea of starting a popsicle company. We cracked ourselves up coming up with hip hop artist versions of popsicles.
Weeks later, I couldn't stop thinking about what was at the time a funny joke. Could this really be a business venture? We had a successful taste test party, which led to even more name ideas - thank you, Karen, Kelley, and Tish. It was obvious that popsicles just make people happy! I knew I had found my new endeavor.
Taste Test Party Samples

Satisfied Customer
Blu-Pop Shakur

Taste Test
Here Come the Pops!

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Eazy-T: Iced Tea Lemonade
Green LaTeaFa: Mint Green Tea
Nutty By Nature: Peanut Butter Cup
Two Lime Crew: Key Lime Pie
Gimme Dat Nut: Rocky Road
Big Peppa: Pineapple-Chili
Citrus Hill: Raspberry Pomegranate Limeade
Blu-pop Shakur: Blueberry
Ludacrisp: Chocolate Rice Krispie
Ghostface Licka: Cookies & Cream
So Fresh and So Cream: Orange Creamsicle
Vanilla Slice: Lemon Cream
Nappy Roots Beer: Root Beer Float
Mango Was The Case: Mango Chutney
C.Lo Green Apple: Caramel Apple
Salt N' Suga: Salted Caramel
eM&eM: Chocolate M&M
Bone Thus & Honey: Minty Cantaloupe
Young Peachy: Chunky Peach
Mos Fresh: Watermelon Basil
Rum DMC: Pina Colada
Big Piggin': Maple Bacon
Notorious F.I.G: Fig
I Just Wanna Nutella: Nutella
DJ Jazzy Java: Mocha
Fifty Mint: Chocolate Thin Mint
Wu Tang Flan: Vanilla Custard
A Tribe Called Zest: Lemon Lime
Foxy Brownie: Chocolate Brownie Chunk

What's your favorite Pop name? Got any ideas for us?

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  1. This is amazing! Congrats for following through on this idea - how cool. LOVE all the names!!

    xo Katie