Monday, May 5, 2014

Master {Bedroom} of the Universe

When Mr. Fonty and I moved into our house 4 years ago, I was adamantly against getting a king sized bed. I thought it would be way too big for our room and we were so blissfully in love I could fall asleep with his face 2 inches from mine. Time has changed my opinion on both these details. Our room has plenty of space for a king, and space is exactly what I need more of in bed. It's time to trade in the Queen for a King. Check Mate!
So... unbeknownst to my betrothed, with a new bed comes new bedding and a rug! We currently have an awesome, vintage dhurrie rug found in a barn at the Fonty's ranch in Texas. I love it, and it will certainly be finding a home somewhere else in the house, but once the Big Bertha bed arrives, this rug will look like a postage stamp. I am still trying to decide if I want to find a vintage oushak, a soft chenille jute, or something super plush.

Last year, we had beautiful custom draperies made to match our existing headboard (seen above). Here is where I need some help, do I have a headboard with an interesting shape made in the ivory linen fabric of our drapes OR have a simple headboard shape made in the stripe? The stripe fabric would be incorporated in custom pillow shams on the ivory bed. Please weigh in! (I will go ahead and say it before some a-hole does, "First world problems" yea, yea)
And while I love nothing more than a beautiful all white bed, it isn't practical for our life. Forcing my dog to lay with me in bed is one of my favorite past times, so I will give up my dreams of a white bed and live with the jowl slobber and the tiny boxer dog hairs. We currently have navy bedding that can be thrown in the washing machine, and it is working very well. And if it ain't broke... upgrade! This time around I plan on getting some gorgeous Restoration Hardware linens for the bed.
So, what's your vote? Simple Headboard, Jazzy Shams or Jazzy Headboard and Simple Shams? (Yes, I just used "jazzy" twice in one sentence. I'm just so jazzed to meet my friend Jazmine at Jazzercise!)


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  1. My vote is a Ivory headboard, jazzy shams. Love the word jazzy, btw. Stealing it. That way if you want to mix stuff up later, change colors, or use the headboard in another room, it is totally doable. While not as fun I know. I did the same, ivory, and it pained me because I wanted to go with a pattern, but I knew that the headboard would last longer and changing the bedding is a lot less spendy/easier to convince your husband is needed. Ha worship that fabric