Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Smile for Tile

The Fontys bought an overflow house up in Sapphire. As the family is multiplying, beds on busy weekends seemed to be getting scarce. The new house, dubbed Whisper Waters, borders the Sapphire property and even has a trail to a cove on the lake. It's pretty awesome. 
The house itself didn't need much work except for a basement bathroom that had ugly tile floor, mis-matched vanities and a plastic insert shower. The new layout includes a separate shower and tub and a pair of chrome pedestal sinks. Since we are in a basement, we chose to extend the wood-looking tile floor into the bathroom. With some subway tiling inspiration from the one and only Sarah Richardson, we have an extremely cost effective way to add major interest to the shower. Check out our inspiration here: 
whisper waters

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