Friday, March 7, 2014

He Has Risen

Admittedly, I log far too many hours in front of the TV, and often find myself double and tripling up on dvr tapings. It's embarrassing, and instead of adding shows, I should be deleting, but I have one more to recommend.
My very stylish and talented friend, Emmie, is the costume designer on an awesome (looking) new show - ABC's Resurrection.

Based on the book, The Returned, Resurrection follows families in a Missouri town who's deceased loved ones come back into their lives.
Here's an excerpt from one of the featured families:
An 8-year-old American boy wakes up alone in a rice paddy in a rural Chinese province with no idea how he got there. Details start to emerge when the boy, who calls himself Jacob, recalls that his hometown is Arcadia, and an Immigration agent, J. Martin Bellamy, takes him there. The home he claims as his own is occupied by an elderly couple, Henry and Lucille Langston, who lost their son, Jacob, more than 30 years ago. While they look different, young Jacob recognizes them as his parents. Those closest to the family try to unravel this impossible mystery — but this boy who claims to be the deceased Jacob knows secrets about his own death that no one else knows.
Chills! I am seriously so excited for this show. 
Resurrection airs Sunday, March 9 at 9pm. Set your DVRs!

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