Monday, December 10, 2012

Outstanding in the Field Recap

Pie Ranch Dinner
Last Sunday, Mr. Fonty & I flew home to California to join my family at the last Outstanding in the Field dinner of the season. My brother was the host chef, and the food was insanely delicious. Here are some pics from the evening (some from my phone and others from Eloise)

The evening begins with check-in, passed appetizers and delicious wines from Hall Wines (Celia, I know you are jealous) In addition to their own reds and whites, Hall has a new line of wine, Walt, and it is incredible. Some of you may be finding a bottle in your stocking.

Even the pig's head was delicious
 Catching up with by best bud and Mrs. C
 With the chef 
 We then went on a tour of the farm and a foraging adventure. With 2 previous days of downpours, it was a good excuse to break out the rain boots 
 Chickens who give new meaning to cage-free organic

 The creator and director of Outstanding
 Our chefs for the evening, Jeff and my brother Marty

 Make-shift Kitchen
 Let the dinner games begin!
Probably the best soup I've ever had -- and I really like soup ("We both like sooooup" name that movie)
 Grilled Squid -- ate more than my family style share
 Marty's famous 75-day aged beef with chantrelles and a mint chimichuri that I want to drizzle on everything I eat.

 Family Joke : Butternut Squash (we missed you, Scott)
 Apple Tart for dessert
 Marty and his lady, Norell
My proud parents
 Compliments to the chef!!
  Thanks, Mart & Outstanding in the Field for an unforgettable night! 

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  1. This looked incredible. Lucky girl to go and have a chef brother. Thank you for sharing.