Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide : For The Boys

No one is harder to shop for than a man - especially the man living in my house. I've found that erring on the side practicality is the best way to please your beau. And for me, that means something that can be used when exploring the great outdoors - or sitting on the couch. 
You may be wondering what (and why) a few of these items are on the list. Those white pants? A total life changer from Royal Highnies. I have the complete PJ top and bottom set, and it is like wrapping yourself in the finest sheets, actually, that is exactly what it is. I promise you, they are worth the price tag. And what is that little blue box? It's a camera! I love this Lytro camera not only for all it's tech savvy fanciness, but also it's size. This is a camera even a man wouldn't complain about carrying around. 


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