Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Greenwich Mean Time

Mr. Fonty's cousin is getting married in Newport, RI on Labor Day weekend. I decided to make a road trip of it and start the week off in NYC with my in-laws. While in New York, we are staying in Tribeca at The Greenwich Hotel. This hotel is all sorts of gorgeous. No two of it's 88 rooms are alike, which sort of seems like a designer's heaven (or hell). Some rooms are rustic, some serene, some glamorous, and yet they all seem to be exactly what I would want for my own home. How does that work!?
I should forewarn you that I will be an instagram fiend.
The Bedrooms
Those green walls! Those draperies!
This room feels like a spa
I'm obsessed with that orange sofa and pillow

The Bathrooms: 
A girl can dream.... 
Common Areas: 

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