Thursday, October 3, 2013

Let's Split

Been a bad blogger again, but in my defense it's been a busy few weeks. 
Split, Croatia
first stop
Mr. Fonty and I are headed to Croatia today for some R&R. A few months ago I was super down in the dumps trying to figure out why my body refuses to be pregnant, so I figured why not plan a fabulous trip to have something fun to focus on. (Luckily, I have the world's sweetest husband who goes along with such a plan despite being swamped at work.) Well, I ended up booking a fabulous trip a few months out, and didn't think too much of it since it seemed so far away (I've been living my life in 2 week ovulation-based increments, 4 months seemed like a lifetime). I looked at the calendar last week, and realized we leave in 7 days with basically no planning done. So, at this point I have historical highlights and beach recommendations from friends, we're planning on going to a Croatian soccer game, scuba diving (I'm scared shitless, but the Fonty is pumped. The things we do for love), and a sunset booze-cruise. Other than that, Croatia is our oyster!
Doesn't this look like a Massimo Vitali photo?!
We are only going for a week, since Mr. Fonty was weary about taking more time off this year. Our first stop is Split, the second largest city in Croatia. Then a few days on the island of Hvar which is known not only for the clubs we won't be patronizing, but also for it's fields of wild lavender. I know, how majestic, right!? Then back to Split and headed home. We've rented some adorable (via the internet, it could be a nightmare) apartments through AirBnB
The weather is a little chillier than I was expecting with highs around 70 - I consider that sweater weather. It's quite a quandary for me - how to look beachy and on vacation, while managing to stay warm. Thankfully I just received a bundle of Annie Griffin's fall line that will fit the bill perfectly. So along with those, a few scarves, here's what I have come up with: (I've been envying Glynn's Jenni Kayne flats since I visited LA a couple weeks ago and haven't stopped thinking about that to-die-for Alexander Wang bag since I saw it on Le Catch)


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